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Hoodie Frank

allyndra in tth_kink

Fic: Interlude with Ice (BtVS/ X-Men) Xander/Bobby Kink #23 Ice

Title: Interlude withe Ice
Author: Allyndra
Fandom: BtVS/ X-Men
Pairing: Xander Harris/ Bobby Drake
Disclaimer: I have no claim to ownership for anything in the Buffyverse nor anything in the X-men universe. My only profit from this is ... er... personal. And not monetary.
Kink-a-thon prompt #23, Ice
Summary: The Watcher's Council and the X-Men are having a conference while considering an alliance. Xander and Bobby hit it off.

"That is so cool!" Xander said, staring at Warren's wings. They were beautiful, white and full. Hell, everything about the man was beautiful. Xander thought that if Angel had ever seen this man, the vampire would have renounced his name.

A snowball smacked Xander in the back of the head. When he turned an irritated scowl to confront the thrower, he found a grinning Iceman standing behind him. "I object to other people being called cool in my presence," Bobby said, dropping onto the bench beside Xander. "I feel like I've got a better claim." He held a hand in front of Xander's face and slowly allowed ice to encase it like a glove. Once his fingers and palm were completely covered in shimmering ice, he flexed his hand, causing frozen shards to rain down on Xander.

The Scooby rolled his eye with a smile. "Fine, you're cool, too," he agreed, brushing ice shards off his shirt and pants before they could melt. He glanced back up at Warren, then looked around the room. The large gymnasium in Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning was filled with mutants, slayers, and witches, talking in mixed groups. All around the room, magic and mutant abilities were flaring to life as the different groups compared strengths and weaknesses, discussing possible cooperative tactics. "You have to admit, though, this is all really awesome."

Bobby looked at Rona, who was demonstrating her strength by arm wrestling the Beast. Then his gaze moved to Willow, who was trying out different types of shields on Rogue, attempting to find one that would contain her power and allow her physical contact. "Yeah," he said softly. "It is pretty awesome." The two men sat companionably on the bench, watching their friends and colleagues interacting. Xander and Bobby had been seated next to one another at dinner the night before and had hit it off immediately. Now they shared smiles at some of the younger people's antics and traded information about the powers and personalities of their friends.

"So," Bobby said. "What about you? Why are you sitting over here instead of playing show and tell?"

Xander was surprised to be asked. He had assumed the X-Men had received basic briefings on the people who had driven this alliance forward. Xander and Dawn had been at the heart of the project, convincing Giles to extend the olive branch, setting up the protected internet space where mutants, Slayers, and magic users could discuss their hopes and fears. Considering his involvement, he had thought that everyone would have been aware of his status. Apparently not.

"I don't have any powers," Xander said simply. "I am one extremely ordinary human. If I was yogurt, I'd be the plain white kind. But I do hang out with the Strawberry Banana Swirl and the Lemon Chiffon." He pointed playfully at Buffy and Willow as he said the flavors, wondering what the girls would think of their new labels. He took in the slightly shocked look on Bobby's face and decided to shake him out of it. "Besides," he purred, "when I play show and tell, it's for a much smaller audience." Well, not counting that one night at the strip club, but Bobby didn't need to know about that. No one on the planet needed to know about that.

Bobby's blue eyes widened, and he licked his lips as he took in the innuendo. When he spoke, though, he ignored the flirting and went after the content. "You really don't have any powers?" Xander nodded. "And none of this freaks you out?" he asked incredulously.

"Oh, it might have when I was a kid. Now ... Hell, I hardly know anybody who isn't superhuman or metahuman or not even human. This," his wave took in the occupants of the room, "is pretty nifty, but it's not freaksome."

"Wow." Xander tilted his head in confusion at the awed tone of Bobby's voice. "That's amazing. I really don't know any non-mutants who are that accepting."

The Scooby shrugged. "It's no big. I just got used to the wacky."

Bobby looked like he was going to argue the point, but he was interrupted by Dawn, who came to drag Xander over to meet her new friend Jubilee. They'd been chatting online for weeks, but this was their first face to face meeting. Xander gave Bobby a rueful shrug and allowed himself to be pulled away. Throughout the rest of the meet and greet, Xander often looked up to find thoughtful blue eyes on him. The first time, he smiled and gave Iceman a little wave. By the third time, he had started making faces across the room whenever he felt Bobby's gaze. This set off similar activities among the younger people, and soon half the room was busy contorting their faces. The other half of the room, the older half, tried hard to look stern and not burst out laughing.

That night Professor Xavier hosted a formal reception for the school's visitors. Xander took up a post near the bottom of the stairs and enjoyed the spectacle as the Council contingent descended. All of the Slayers and most of the witches were female, and the vast majority were at least pretty. Clad in slinky dresses and strappy heels, with their hair twisted into complex knots, they stunned Xavier's male students into a drooling mass. Xander kept an eye out for wandering hands, but that wasn't much of an issue, as most of the young men could do little more than goggle helplessly. The male witches and Watchers in training were also impeccably dressed, and received their due appreciation from the female mutants. It was shaping up to be a most entertaining evening.

Xander didn't realize how entertaining until he turned and spotted Bobby Drake coming toward him in a tuxedo. He swallowed hard and thought that tuxedos should be a controlled substance. The black jacket emphasized the man's broad shoulders and trim waist. Somehow, the outfit worked the subtle magic that only tuxedos possess to make him look smoother, more sophisticated. The face that Xander had always thought playful and impish suddenly looked mature and intense when underscored by a sharp collar and a bowtie. The one eyed man looked down quickly and tried to pretend he hadn't been goggling as hard as the teenagers.

"Hey," Bobby said, stopping in front of Xander. "Are you the chaperone, or have you taken up lurking as a hobby?"

"Lurking is such a dirty word," Xander protested, grateful that the other man had greeted him with a joke. "I prefer stalking. It sounds so much more active. I'm not really an official chaperone, I'm just used to keeping an eye on everyone," he said. He ran a supervisory eye around the room. "They seem to be getting along well, don't you think?"

"I think its a good thing you're the good guys," Bobby responded. "You've erased the higher brain functions of the entire population of the school just by getting dressed up. I fear what you're capable of when you really try." He was looking at Xander with admiring blue eyes, and the Watcher felt himself flush. He ran a hand through his hair to try to regain his composure. His intentions were short circuited when Bobby reached out and caught his hand. "Hang on," Iceman said softly, running his fingers around Xander's wrist. Xander held himself very still and managed not to shiver at the tickle-y sensation of those gentle fingers against his skin. Bobby tugged gently on the cuff of Xander's sleeve and fastened the cufflink, which had slipped out of place. "There," he said with satisfaction.

Bobby looked up from his task and met Xander's heated gaze. They were standing so closely that Xander could feel the other man's body heat. The fact that Iceman *had* body heat was fascinating, but the sensation derailed any scientific speculation Xander might have engaged in. He trailed his wrist and hand through Bobby's loose grasp until their fingers were tangled together. He parted his lips and leaned forward gratefully noting that Bobby was leaning toward him as well. Just before they met, a shout pierced the air.

"Xander!" The two men jerked apart. Dawn was stalking toward them in a high dudgeon. "Buffy says I'm too young to wear this. *You* think I look good, don't you?" Xander ran his eye over her appraisingly. Her tall, slender body was wrapped in a dress of shimmering silver-blue that made her eyes look almost luminescent. It didn't show a lot of skin, but it clung in ways that emphasized her assets.

"I've got your back, Dawn Star. I remember the clothes she used to wear to school, and I'm fully prepared to reminisce about postage stamp sized skirts, if it will help." Honestly, he could see why Buffy was concerned about protecting the hotness that was Dawn from overly amorous suitors, but the girl was nineteen. It was time to let her make her own choices.

Dawn squealed. "Thank you!" she said, grabbing Xander in a hug that managed to knock his breath out without risking her dress or makeup. "I'll hold you to that next time her Buffiness says anything to me," she promised. And then she was gone as quickly as she had appeared.

Xander turned to Bobby with a rueful smile. "Sorry," he said.

Bobby shrugged philosophically. "I'll just have to stick close to you until we have time to try that again." Suiting actions to words, he slipped a hand around Xander's elbow and pulled him to his side. Together, they followed the crowd into the dining room to eat dinner.

Xander had never paid less attention to what he was eating in his life. He was a man who enjoyed food, and usually he would have been entranced by the multiple courses and savory dishes. Tonight, however, all his attention was focused on the man next to him. Bobby kept 'accidentally' brushing against Xander. He bumped their hands together reaching for his silverware of his glass. Under the table, he slid his foot against Xander's. The Watcher had been enjoying the attention and allowing himself the pleasure of anticipating what it might be building toward. The brush of Bobby's foot sent a chill of memory and apprehension through him. They were both in tuxedos, and Bobby was playing footsy with him under the table. What if this was just a clothes fluke? Bobby nudged Xander's shoulder and offered him a chocolate petit four. Xander smiled shyly and accepted it. He didn't care if the clothes had caused this; he wasn't going to give it up without at least seeing if it could work.

After dinner, most of the guests rose and circulated. Xander looked at his companion and raised his eyebrows. "Think we could sneak out of here?" he whispered.

"I'm willing if you are," Bobby replied. Together, they eased silently out of their chairs and crept toward the door, staying close to the wall. Sneaking around a potted plant, they had just made it to their destination when a voice behind them called out, "Bobby!" Xander looked to see if Bobby wanted to answer, but the X-man just shook his head and said, "Run!" They dashed out of the dining room, and Xander let Bobby take the lead. He followed the other man up the stairs, down a long hall, and through a door. Once inside, Bobby closed the door and leaned against it. "Safe," he panted.

Xander couldn't help it. Bobby looked like a mixture of a suave James Bond and a delighted child, and the combination was far too tempting to resist. He pressed the mutant back against the door and claimed his mouth in the kiss he'd been waiting for all evening. Bobby responded enthusiastically, winding his arms around Xander's neck and parting his lips to draw Xander in to his hot mouth. Xander ran his hands under Bobby's jacket, stroking his sides until Bobby pulled back with a giggle. "That tickles," he admonished. Xander tried to looked apologetic as he pulled Bobby closer and kissed him again.

They didn't stay at the door for long. Bobby started pressing against Xander, forcing him away from the door and toward the center of the room. As they moved, his hands began roaming over Xander's body with greater purpose, tugging at Xander's clothes. Xander willingly helped, shrugging out of his jacket and yanking at his tie. He realized that he would quickly find out if this was just a clothes fluke, but when Bobby sucked on his lower lip and started untucking his shirt, Xander couldn't find it in himself to be too worried.

In the interest of fair play, Xander made sure that Bobby didn't stay fully dressed either. He unbuttoned Bobby's shirt slowly, licking and kissing at the skin that was revealed. When it hung open, he pushed it back off Bobby's shoulders and let his hands and mouth play over the mutant's sculpted torso. Bobby had the body of an acrobat, strong, flexible muscles on a lean body. Xander ran his fingers over the muscles of his abdomen and captured one flat nipple in his mouth. Bobby arched back with a moan, and Xander grinned. It was a thrill to have a lover who was this responsive. Xander wanted to encourage it, so he nibbled and sucked, drawing the nipple to a hard nub.

Bobby tugged Xander up to kiss him again, and resumed his previous motion across the floor. It was obvious that their goal was the bed, so Xander didn't resist. By the time they got their, both men were breathless, naked, and giggling from the difficulties of stripping off shoes and socks while making out. Xander let Bobby press him down onto the bed, tangling his fingers in Bobby's honey brown curls as he kissed down Xander's neck. He bent his neck back, exposing his throat to Bobby's hot, nibbling kisses. "How are you so hot?" he groaned.

"Mmm, now you wanna play show and tell?" Bobby asked with a devilish grin. He propped himself up on one arm, running the fingers of his free hand softly over Xander's chest. "I can control it," he said. "Like this." And suddenly the fingers running over Xander's body were covered in ice. Slippery, wet ice, and Xander shivered as Bobby bent his head to lick up the melted water that trailed in their wake.

Bobby got up for a moment while Xander was still shuddering at the new sensation. He was back almost immediately, and he continued his journey down Xander's body. Hot body, hot mouth, cold cold fingers drawing patterns on Xander's stomach. Then a frosty finger ran over his hard cock, and Xander gasped, arching up off the bed. Bobby looked up at him with twinkling blue eyes. "Stay still," he ordered. Then he ran that icy finger down his length again, following behind it with his hot, wet tongue. This time Xander was ready for it, but he still barely controlled the urge to buck. Bobby smiled at him approvingly and slid his mouth over the tip of Xander's erection. He let the ice-tipped fingers trace the contours of Xander's chest while he sucked and licked. Xander closed his eyes and fought for control. The cold fingers were tormenting his nipples while Bobby's warm mouth pulled Xander's cock in deeper. He groaned so deep in his throat it was almost a growl and forced his hips not to thrust.

Bobby pulled off of Xander's body, and he whimpered at the loss of sensation. He set something on the bedspread beside him and knelt, staring down at Xander. Then he was back, licking all the way up Xander's cock before sinking down to envelope its length. The cold fingers, now slipperier than ever, ghosted over Xander's balls and the sensitive skin behind them, then circled his tight pucker. Bobby stroked gently, pressing in so slowly that it took Xander a moment to realize he was being penetrated and not just teased. Bobby withdrew from Xander's cock and watched his finger sliding in and out of Xander's body. The mutant closed his eyes, and Xander realized he wasn't the only one striving for control. The knowledge made him more confident, and he thrust back on the cold finger. Bobby picked up the bottle of lube he'd fetched earlier and slicked his fingers even more. He pressed another finger into Xander, stretching him open.

Xander drew his knees up to allow Bobby better access, biting his lip to keep from crying out. The fingers plunging in and out of his body were driving him crazy, skimming over his prostate and then retreating. In spite of himself, he moaned as Bobby added a third finger. He decided he wasn't going to be a passive bystander in these proceedings. He dragged himself up on his elbows and found a condom right where he'd been expecting to see it, lying on the bedspread. He tore the package open and looked at Bobby to see if he was ready. What he saw made his cock twitch and his breath catch. The other man was kneeling between Xander's legs, panting as he thrust his fingers in and out of Xander's opening. The muscles on his beautiful body were tense, and his cock was rock hard, awaiting its turn.

"Bobby," Xander said hoarsely. When lust darkened eyes looked up at him, Xander handed him the condom. Even though he'd known it was coming, the loss of Bobby's fingers in him made Xander moan. He rolled over and pulled himself to his hands and knees, spreading his legs and presenting his curved backside and stretched hole to Bobby. Bobby took a deep breath and cursed. He knelt up behind Xander, gripping his hips with one freezing hand and one hot hand, then he began to slowly fill him.

The fingers Bobby had used to stretch him had been covered in ice. The change in temperature made Bobby's cock feel like it was on fire. Xander struggled to catch his breath. Bobby slid slowly, slowly into him, and Xander pressed his ass back against the mutant's warm thighs. The cold fingers left Xander's right hip as Bobby began to thrust into him. Those fingers caressed his cock and balls gently before grasping his erection and jerking him in time with the thrusts. Xander dropped his head to the bed, unable to hold it up under the onslaught of sensation. The hot, thick rod thrusting rhythmically into his ass and the cold fingers pulling on his hard erection were sending Xander into a sexual frenzy. He didn't even try to suppress his cries as he moved closer and closer to his climax. Bobby shifted the angle of his thrusts, and Xander shouted as sparks shot through his body. He felt a throbbing heat building in his groin, in spite of the icy fingers their. He came with a cry, spilling over Bobby's cold hand. Xander felt his knees go out, and Bobby went down with him, slamming into his body even harder. The mutant grunted and repeated the action, plunging deep and hard into Xander's body for a few more strokes before he came as well. He collapsed onto Xander's back, panting heavily against his damp skin.

Bobby flexed his right hand, breaking the ice shell that coated it. He pulled out of Xander slowly, with a regretful moan, and tugged off the condom. When he turned back to the bed, he found Xander throwing the messy bedspread on the floor. He smiled warmly and dropped onto the bed beside Xander. Xander pulled him over for a sleepy, satiated kiss.

"You were right," Xander said. "You have a definite claim on the word 'cool.'"

"Told you so," Bobby said, snuggling close and laying his head on Xander's shoulder. "Next time we play show and tell, you get to teach me something about you."

Xander grinned and wrapped his arms around Bobby. He idly wondered where he could get some silk cords. He had some ideas for showing Bobby the possible meanings for the word 'Watcher.'


Oh my that was hot! You are going to write the sequel right? The whole 'Watcher' comment made me smile!!
*grins* Thanks! I hadn't planned to write a sequel, but I've been thinking about it. If it happens, I'll post it here.

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