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Ianto - Heart

tthjinni in tth_kink

Request Your Kink

Got a request for a kink piece of fic that you want to see written? Post the request here.

**Anonymous postings are allowed - so log out if you have something that you'd like to see, but don't want anyone to know you're requesting it!!!**

There are no guarantees that all/any of these will get written, however the authors participating in TtH's Kink Month will be encouraged to look through here for writing prompts.

Remember - this is for BtVS/AtS crossover fanfic only!!!

So - post with the following if you have something you want written:

Crossover Fandom
Kink scenario



Willow Mistress of Pain

Crossover Fandom: HP, AB, SG or X-Men
Pairing/Threesome/Etc: Willow/Character(s) of Your Choice
Kink scenario: Willow, Mistress of Pain

Some Ideas

These aren't requests per say, but merely a few ideas. They are fairly general.

Blood-play (non vampiric)
Blood-play (vampiric)
Vampire Courtship
Role Reversal
Coming Out

Kink Request

X-men Cross, Willow/Rogue or Dawn/Rogue.
since skin contact is verboten, our ScoobyDominatrix will be in head to toe latex and will treat a properly bound Rogue to the pleasures of the candle, the crop, and the strap-on (and/or whatever else suits your fancy).
A non-traditional girl need a little non-traditional sex to get off.
Anybody want to request a story involving Tara jerking off a couple of vampires into a goblet, emptying a bag of O-positive into said goblet, then chugging the entire mess? Cuz, uh, I may or may not have a story in development that features that...


Why's everyone looking at me like that?

Just for you Joe

Crossover Fandom: Whatever
Pairing/Threesome/Etc: Tara/Spike/Whoever
Kink Scenario: Goblet of blood and cum and ummm uhh ohh I don't know perhaps mentions of Dru and uh conjuring fangs or whatever other sick and twisted things your wonderful mind can come up with.

Re: Just for you Joe

Phew. I feel like less of a pervert now... o_O


Stargate Sex

Crossover Fandom: Stargate
Pairing/Threesome/Etc: Willow/Character of your choice
Kink scenario: The stargate is a big mass of energy--Willow is affected by external power sources. What do you think, considering its a KINKathon?

Skin a Cat

Okay, we're skinning cats for anatomy class and well it inspired me.

Crossover Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing/Threesome/Etc: Vamp!Willow (or DarkMagic!Willow)/Nathaniel
Kink scenario: Skinning a cat

December 2006



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