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Ianto - Heart

tthjinni in tth_kink

The Kink Prompts

Here are the kinks, the fetishes, and the cliches we'll be using for this event.

Help make this event a success!

I'll link to the fics as they're written, under each of the categories, so that people know what's been written for each.

Please be sure to list which of the prompts below your fic is for in your header when you write it.

Post at TtH **AND** on this journal... and then comment on this entry to tell me where to put your fic in the list below.

Kinks and Fetishes
2. Dominance/Submission
3. Bondage/Discipline
4. Sado-Masochism
5. Spanking
6. Leather
7. Latex
8. Voyeurism
9. Exhibitionism
10. Threesomes
11. Moresomes & Gangbangs
12. Long Hair/No Hair
13. Tattoos/Piercings
14. Toys (Sex swing, vibrators, etc.)
15. Non-Consensual
16. Roleplay
17. Food
18. Cross-Dressing
19. Blood/Knife Play
20. Breathplay
21. Body Art/Paint
22. Candle Wax
23. Ice
24. Tickling/Feathers
25. Strap On
26. Self-Bondage
27. Videotaping/Photography
28. Other

1. First Time (Het)
2. First Time (Same Sex)
3. Love Potion
4. Bodyswap
5. Genderswap
6. Stuck in an Elevator
7. Wardrobe Malfunction
8. Virgin Sacrifice
9. Enemies Stuck on a Deserted Island
10. Snowed In
11. Electricity Out
12. Amnesia
13. Only one Bed
14. Mind Control
15. Initiation into a Group
16. Tutoring in Sex Ed
17. Too Much to Drink
18. Screw or Die
19. Pretending to be a Couple
20. Playing "Truth or Dare"
21. Playing "I Never"
22. Truth Spell/Potion
23. "I wish..."
24. Watching/Finding Porn
25. Catching Someone Watching Porn
26. Internet/Phone/Long Distance Sex
27. Blackmail
28. Rebelling
29. Kidnapping
30. Mistaken Identity
31. Joining the Mile High Club




Prompt 24

Dont know if Im doing this right I dont have a live journal account so i dont know how to use it. my fic is for prompt 24 watching/finding porn.
Im writing another story, a continuation of the first fic for prompt 25 cathing someone watching porn. So here is the story:

Author Eshe
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I own nothing

She was bored, tired of waiting for something to happen, for something to call her away from this never ending boredom. She had been following them around for a week and they had killed two vampires, and one demon. Nothing else, they hadn’t even noticed her following them around. Willow sat in the hotel room and picked up the remote, flicking tirelessly through the channels. She was working on assignment for the watchers council stuck in some back woods country town following around two brothers. When Giles first told her about the two she just thought that it would maybe be like the rest of the demon hunters they had found, talk to them and offer any help they may need. These two, Dean and Sam Winchester were different, Sam was special and Dean… well she didn’t really understand him but he knew how to hold his own. Guns aside she thought that maybe she should offer to help them find this demon that they were looking for. According to the girl, Jo they were leaving tomorrow to head towards New Jersey to investigate the claims that there was some guy there who could control electricity. It sounded promising but she knew it was going to be another easy case for the two; she should just confront them and demand what they were looking for, that would easily cause some excitement for her.

Willow leaned back on the bed, and flicked one more channel and was almost caught off guard by what she saw, instead of turning the porn off, she instead laid back on he bed and pulled her nightgown up slightly. It had been awhile and it would take away from her boredom. Willow lightly touched her breasts as she looked at the screen, it showed a brunette woman riding a blond man, usually she thought it all looked fake but these two looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. She focused in on the woman’s face, and the expression she wore and Willow moaned as her pussy started to get moist. Willow pulled her nightgown all the way up and put her hand between her legs. She rubbed up and down, spreading the moisture all over and then inserted two fingers slowly inside. She started moving her fingers in and out in a fast rhythm and looked back at the TV. They had changed positions and the woman was now bent over on all fours with the man pounding into her from behind. Willow pulled her fingers out and sucked on them before bringing them back down and rubbing on her clit. She closed her eyes and hardly noticed when someone started banging at the door. She turned the volume down, straightened herself up some and went to the door and opened just a crack expecting it to be the Chinese she ordered an hour ago.

“How much?” She asked before the door was pushed back on her making her fall to the ground.

Willow looked up to see Dean Winchester closing the door and stopping to stand over her. He looked around the room stopping as he saw the TV. “And here I thought this was going to be a hard interrogation, who knew the sneak was a freak as well.”
I've got one for prompt 12: http://humbuggirl.livejournal.com/227828.html
Hey, another fic. This time for #5... http://humbuggirl.livejournal.com/229056.html
Here we go, one for Kink 28 (Other - hairpulling, biting, and rough sex) and Cliche 10


December 2006



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